Saturday, August 29, 2015

Hunter : A Birth Story

Presenting Hunter 
     When I reached my 34th week, my OB required me to come in for a check-up every week. I usually go every Wednesday but on my 37th week, call it Mother's instinct, I decided to come in on Monday. In the car Jim and i were even debating on what's a good date to give birth. July 4 was the frontrunner because that way he would share the same date with both the kids.

     Anyway, i dropped him off at work and went to Makati Med for my checkup. There was a line at my OB's clinic so i had to wait. When my turn came, my OB praised me for  not gaining any more weight (yaaay me!) but i kept complaining how heavy i felt and telling her how i cant wait to give birth soon. She asked me to lie down so she can check up how dilated i am. Lo and behold she declared, "Okay, you're 4-5 cm dilated. After this checkup, go straight to the labor room. You will give birth today." 

     Me being me, the first thing that came out of my mouth was, "What?? But i didn't do my hair today doc! And i didn't do my makeup!". My OB looked at me and laughed saying that I'm really her funniest patient. But i wasn't being funny. I was serious. I had plans (my friends knew this) of contouring my face and doing some highlighting. I even practiced beforehand. Oh well. Down the drain that went.

     So i then called my driver to go back home and get my prepacked hospital bag. Then i called Jim. Good thing he didn't panic this time although he kept asking if i was really sure. We decided to meet in the hospital lobby before going to the Labor Room. I didn't know how long my labor would take so i decided to get food and eat. Funny thing, while i was happily eating and waiting for Jim, a guy beside me asked when i was going to give birth. I looked at him, smiled and said, "oh in a few hours". He was surprised and said that i looked awfully calm. I guess since it's my second one, i was less nervous.

     So finally, Jim arrived and we headed straight to the Labor Room. Once there, the nurses assisted me to one of the rooms while Jim was asked to do the necessary arrangements. They had me change into hospital robes and asked me to, uhm, do an enema which was icky but necessary. They then hooked me up to the monitors and asked me to lie down and rest.

Waiting in the Labor Room
     I was in the room for an hour or two when Jim came in. My contractions weren't that strong yet so i was able to nap a few times. At about 3 pm, an OB came in to do an internal exam. She also broke my waterbag and gave me Buscopan which helped progress my labor even more. After an hour, I was already 6cm dilated. Shortly after, the anesthesiologist came in to prep me for the epidural. At this time, my contractions were getting stronger and more frequent so the epidural was very much welcome. 

     My OB came in at about 6 pm. She checked me and i was already about 8 cm dilated but the baby's head was still very high. So we waited. She never left our side. Jim was getting nervous because he felt that having the OB there must mean that there's something wrong. But the baby's heart monitor indicated that he wasn't in distress.

     7:30 pm. The contractions were stronger. So much so that i felt the pain even after i was given some epidural. They did another IE and my OB finally said that it's time to deliver. I was wheeled to the Delivery Room. They then prepped me. I was hooked to different monitors and was given more epidural. My OB gave me instructions on how to push and started coaching me. 

     Here we go. I pushed thrice. But the baby's head kept going back in. One of the doctors stood up and placed her arms on my tummy to help me push. I was told to push one more time with all my strength. I did as she said, i pushed as hard as i can and a few seconds after, the baby's head was out. My OB then saw that his umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck that's why they had a hard time getting him out. They quickly cut it and he was placed on my chest.  I kept on kissing him and telling him i love him. My son. 

First latch :)
     Hunter  was born at exactly 8 pm. He weighed 7 pounds 8 ounces and was 22 inches long. He was perfect. And he looked like his dad. 

Still a bit swollen..
     When everything has calmed down a bit, my OB told me that had i not been able to push him out, she would've called for an emergency C-section. I was very thankful that it didn't come to that.

Red for his first outfit :)
     We were moved to the Recovery Room. Jim left us to prepare the room where we will be staying in after. So apart from some of the nurses and doctors, Hunter and i were left alone. It gave me time to look at my son and i couldn't help but smile. I just wanted to cuddle and kiss him. 

        An hour later his pediatrician came in and did some tests. She saw several birthmarks but all in all she declared him to be in perfect health. 

First check-up..
Father and Son

     We were then moved to our hospital room where Jim was waiting for us. I smiled. He smiled. We are now a family of four.
Taking a peek at her little brother..

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