Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween Costume: Rainbow Dash inspired dress


My daughter is a My Little Pony Fanatic. So when my husband said that the theme for their Halloween event  at the office is 80's, i decided we will go as toys. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to make a Rainbow Dash costume for River.

     First, you need soft tulle in blue, red, orange, yellow, green and purple.

     Next, measure your daughter's chest and from that measurement, subtract 2 inches to get the length of the garter you will use.

     Tie the garter into a hoop and place it around something sturdy. Here i used River's chair.

     Next get your tulle and cut it into strips 6 inches wide.

     Fold the tulle in half, loop it around the garter, insert the ends in the hole and tighten.

     Move to one side. Do the same thing for all the other tulle.

     Get a ribbon and loop it around the waistband.


      First, draw the shape of the wings you want on to a piece of paper.

     Cut out and then use to trace uniform shapes on the piece of felt.

     Do the same on the filler.

     Cut out a smaller wing and trace also on the felt and filler.

     Cut out the figures. For the filler, cut inside the line or slightly smaller than the shape.

     Get one of the wings. Glue on the filler. Take another wing and glue it on top.

     Do the same for all the wings.

     Take a blue sharpie or colored pen and trace an outline inside the wings

     Get a felt rectangle and glue the wings on it.


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