Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Bowmanbear: River's First Haircut For 2016 :)

     So we've been bugging River to have a haircut for a long time now. She has always said no because she loved her long hair. I actually don't know what happened but when i asked her again, she said yes. Instead of bringing her to Cuts for Tots (where she usually has her bangs cut), I brought her to Bowmanbear. It's a fairly new "Barbershop" that is also a Nail Salon, Women's Hairsalon and Kiddie Salon. 

     I have to say that i love this place. It looked so fun and clean. There was a small area where kids can hang out while waiting for their cut. 

Happily waiting..  :)

     The very nice receptionist gave River an Ipad where she can pick a movie that she can watch. 

Guess what she picked? :) Clue: MLP hahaha

     River was supposed to have her hair shampooed here but since her hair was newly washed, we just skipped it.

The shampoo Area 

     Miss Irish, the hairstylist, had River sit in one of the car chairs which honks and moves. There's also a monitor where she can watch shows and movies. She picked Finding Nemo. :)

Her long unruly hair...

    Instead of the usual "cut only" which they do in other kiddie salons, here they blowdry the hair first to see the length then they consult with the parents and the child as to the haircut they want. 

Miss Irish working her magic..

Time to cut her bangs

     After the cut, Miss Irish put some hair detangler on River's hair then blowdried her hair again.  :)

   River loved the experience! She was all smiles the whole time. I was pleasantly surprised because there were no tears.  No bribery or bargaining needed too!

Happy with her cut:)

    Aside from the cut, they also offer kiddie nail services.

        Here's a list of their other services. :)

    You also get a free haircut on your 9th visit. :)

All in all, im pretty happy with this place. :)

    Address: Unit 030, Main Wing Shangri - La Plaza, Edsa Corner Shaw Boulevard, Wack - Wack, Mandaluyong, 1550 Metro Manila

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