Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sunday Science Experiment: Fun with Goo :)

     This year, we decided to start introducing River to the fun world of Science by doing experiments with her. Last week we did "Cosmic Rocket" using a kit from a toy store with Vinegar and Baking Soda. We will be redoing that next week and i promise to post about it. 

     Anyway, for this week's experiment we made Goo. (or Oobleck from the Dr Seuss book). It's very easy. You just need CORNSTARCH, WATER, FOOD COLOR (totally optional), A BOWL and A TRAY.


     1. Pour the cornstarch in a big bowl. I didn't add water first. I made River touch and feel the cornstarch. This is because unlike flour, cornstarch has a different finer texture.

     2.Add the water slowly. By the way, if you're using coloring you should add it to the water. I'm really unsure of the exact ratio but i think i used a cup of water to two cups cornstarch.

"Mom do i really need to touch it?"

     3. Dig in and get mixing. River was very hesitant at first because she didn't want to get her hands dirty but with a little help from Jim, she did it.

     4. Have Fun!! Roll it in your hands. Watch it melt. Punch it. Let your hands sink in. 

we moved some of the goo to a tray and River tried punching it.  

she placed her hand on top and it slowly went in the goo.

formed it into balls and let it "melt" in our hands

     About an hour in and she's still playing with it.

     After your toddler decides that she's done playing, it's time for cleanup. If you're like us, goo will  be everywhere. haha  The dried up goo on clothes can easily be brushed out. The goo splatters on the table and on the floor can be cleaned up with a wet rag. We just washed our hands to remove the goo. IMPORTANT: According to the articles about this experiment, Don't dump the goo down the drain because it can get caught up in the pipes and it will be extremely hard to remove. Just put it in the trash. Or save it for your next experiment! :)

      For more info and explanation on this experiment, you can check Steve Spangler Science or Exploratorium :)

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